We are the Salesforce consultancy of cbs Corporate Business Solutions

Our goal is to achieve seamless Salesforce-to-SAP processes. As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, we have many years of experience in transforming existing processes and solutions into the Salesforce cloud. We do not only look at Salesforce from a technology perspective. Rather, we put all relevant business processes to the test and include the entire system landscape.

Our services

  • Planning and implementation of end-to-end processes from Salesforce to SAP
  • Consideration of integration requirements during process design
  • Implementation of quota-to-order processes with configurable materials
  • The introduction of a global service solution with complete integration into the service modules or directly into the logistics and finance processes in SAP
  • Dovetailing of marketing processes with sales, service and master data processes

About cbs

cbs combines digital transformation and globalization in the SAP environment. As process consultants and SAP specialists, cbs provides comprehensive support worldwide. The goal are enterprise-wide solutions. The complete range of services for corporate transformation is unique. With market-leading expertise, cbs successfully combines digital transformation and globalization in the SAP environment.

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Contact persons

Daniel Gorld

Daniel Gorld
Consulting Director

Phone +49 6221 3304-0